Stars-Avalanche Postgame Quotes

Here are some quotes following Saturday’s Dallas Stars-Colorado Avalanche game which the Stars won 4-3 in a shootout. These quotes are provided by Dallas Stars PR.

Stars Head Coach Lindy Ruff

On tonight’s game:

“I think it kind of sums up the year actually, where we were leaving and got reviewed.  We had plenty of great opportunities in overtime to put it away and didn’t put it away.  We had a breakaway and a 2-on-0 but it’s been a little bit of how the year has gone.”

On the win:

“It’s all we talked about, trying to play the game the right way.  [The fans] got an exciting game, that’s for sure.  We battled back, it was a really good tip by Tyler [Seguin] for the tying goal.  I thought we did some really good things in overtime but just missed the good opportunities.”

On the play of Denis Gurianov:

“For a first game, I think he got a really good feel for the speed of the game.  I think some of those plays where he got wound up a little bit down the wing, I think he would have been on in the American League maybe.  I think he realizes that everyone is mobile and fast here and I think he’s just got to get stronger and a little quicker with the hands.  I thought he was a little bit nervous to make a play but it’s his first game and it was a good showing for him.”

On the defensive pairing of Patrik Nemeth and Greg Pateryn:

“I think Nemeth finished the game with eight shots.  The puck was coming to him a lot and he had a lot of opportunities there.  I thought that pair, on the one goal, the guy got by Greg to tip the puck with a quick little move in front of the net but overall I thought that pair had a pretty solid game for us.”

On looking back over the season:

“We could never get on a good run where you go six or seven and one, or you win five in a row.  We never got that good run going.  We started a couple and had opportunities to.  I said yesterday that the probably the biggest disappointment was there were games we really deserved to win if we finished some of the plays, didn’t hit posts and missed empty nets to stay on a run or keep something alive.  We didn’t quite have the finish we had in the previous year.”

On the growth of the team’s young players:

“I think that’s the thing that’s been the most impressive.  From [Devin] Shore to [Brett] Ritchie to Esa Lindell.  I thought Esa was just a man out there tonight on quite a few plays.  John [Klingberg] had two points and could have had the third with the overtime winner.  He made a very unselfish play to go to Jamie [Benn] on the 2-on-0.  On the whole, when you look at even [Adam] Cracknell stepping in to have the kind of year that he had, there was a lot of good play from our young forwards.  I thought our young defensemen learned it’s a tough league on D.  They had their ups and downs.” 

Stars Captain Jamie Benn

On the season:

“You kind of wonder where it went. It seems like a wasted opportunity. At the start of the year we had high expectations for this team, coming off a pretty good season the year before, and it didn’t live up to its expectations.”

On what needs to be done to get it moving in the right direction:

“A lot. We have to make some adjustments, make some moves. This is by no means a rebuild around here. We’re going to turn this around real fast.”

On the fans support:

“It’s awesome. Obviously we had a tough year, the fans were out every game supporting us and it’s really great to see. It means a lot to us players and especially tonight, they were great tonight once again. It’s fun playing in front of them.” 

Stars Forward Tyler Seguin

On getting a win for the fans:

“Yeah, that was the plan and the goal; to finish off something good for the fans. I think we wanted it to be entertaining. Maybe not that entertaining (laughing), but why not have a little drama. My apologies to Klinger (Klingberg) there for taking away that goal.”

On this season:

“It’s not really one of those things where I forget about the season. I think there are a lot of learning tools from this year. It was a frustrating year. It’s going to be a long 22-23 weeks off here, but looking forward to it as an opportunity to get stronger and come back ready to go next year.”

Stars Forward Devin Shore

On wild final game of the season:

“It’s nice to come out with a win. Obviously, the offside was weird; it was tough giving up the lead, but we wanted to get a win for our home crowd because they’ve stuck behind us through some pretty tough sledding. We managed to get that win for them and it’s a good feeling this evening.”

On his goal in the first period:

“It’s a great feeling; it’s always nice to score first for your team, especially at home. We get it started and we liked the way we were playing. I think getting the puck in the back of the net has a lot to do with bounces and all you can really focus on and control is trying to generate as many chances as you can. We were doing that, and fortunately we got a bounce and then another one and it ended up being a good start to the game.”

On takeaways from this season:

“There’s a lot to learn. There’s definitely a bitter taste in our mouths with this being the last game of our season so early. Especially knowing with the group of guys we have in this room, the potential is much higher than we showed. The thing about it is that it’s all over now, so we have to take what we can and reflect on it and learn from it. There’s nothing we can do about it anymore, just always looking for ways to improve and continue to get better because that’s the only thing we can do.” 

Avalanche Head Coach Jared Bednar

On the Dallas’ overturned goal in overtime:

“Yeah, it was kind of a strange finish to that one. In the first period, we didn’t play well at all and I thought [Jeremy] Smith did a really good job of keeping us in that game. Then, we started to gain a little traction as the game went on and I didn’t mind the way we played for most of the second and in the third we scratched and clawed our way back into that and scored a couple of timely goals. Then, we get beat in overtime on the goal against and it turns out to be offside, so we start coming back out and then the shootout. You know how that goes; it’s a flip of a coin. But, I thought that Smith played really well for us tonight. He probably deserved a better fate if we could have played a little better in front of him.”

On if those are the kind of goals he likes his team to score:

“Well, we talked about making sure we are shooting the puck and getting some traffic to the net. So, we did that on those two goals. Just throwing pucks there and getting it past the first layer with their guy coming out and trying to block. We did that on the power play and we did it even-strength, but I wish we would have done it a little more earlier in the game.”

On who is responsible for his team’s resiliency:

“I think Landy [Gabriel Landeskog] has been doing a really good job making sure our bench is still alive when we get down and trying to encourage the guys to fight through that and other guys are jumping on board. I also believe that some of the energy that our kids are giving us is contagious. They continue to work and skate and are tenacious on the puck. That is helping lead us in the right direction for next season.”

Avalanche Goaltender Jeremy Smith

On the reversed call in overtime:

“It was a rollercoaster, for sure. It wasn’t great when we let that puck in in overtime. But we were walking down the hallway and they kept reviewing it, we were all in here and they were like all right, no goal, and offside. So we all put our stuff back on and went back out there and we had another chance, we had a couple opportunities. But it was a good game.”

On 42-save performance:

“I’m feeling pretty good. They made a couple nice plays on the goals, but for me it was just a battle. I felt good, felt comfortable. It’s all a process and I’m enjoying it.”

On first overtime and shootout of his career:

“The shootout was OK. I had an idea on what they were going to do, Seguin just outwaited me a little bit and put it perfectly under my glove and then I read Benn pretty well. Unfortunately, we didn’t get one down at the other end, but that’s nothing I can control.”

On collision in first period:

“I feel good, just a little hit and had to shake it off and get back to it.”

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